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Success Story of our protection visa application

  • 14th Jan 2021
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Below is link of one of our successful Complementary Protection visa case which is published in the Austlii (Australian Legal Information Institute) website. The applicants (husband and wife) could not return back to their home country (India)... read more


Petition raised with the Australian Parliament house

  • 13th Jan 2021
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In response to the ongoing excruciatingly lengthy delays in the processing of partner visas of Asylum seeker sponsors, we have raised a petition. We encourage you to sign the petition to make a positive difference in the lives of Australian Permanent resi... read more


Extension of the expiry date of Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visas

  • 11th Dec 2020
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There has been recent changes in the Subclass 300 Prospective marriage visa regulations whereby the prospective marriage visa holders can now travel to, enter and remain in Australia until 31 March 2022... read more


Regional migration Upcoming Changes for International graduates

  • 25th Nov 2020
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From 2021, Temporary Graduate visa (TGV) holders (post-study work stream) who have graduated from a regional educational institution and have lived in regional Australia on their first TGV will be eligible for a second TGV.... read more


Migration Legislative Instrument Updates

  • 24th Nov 2020
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Important updates to Migration Legislative Instruments... read more

Global Talent Independent visa program

Global Talent Independent visa program

  • 8th Nov 2020
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The Australian Government has placed a high level of importance and priority to granting permanent residence visas to persons with distinguished talent in certain hi-tech sectors. These visas, also known as Distinguished Talent visas, are covered under Su... read more


Budget 2020-21 and its impacts on partner visas of Australia

  • 7th Oct 2020
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The Government of Australia has announced their budget for the 2020-21 year. They have announced for upcoming changes to the partner visa sponsorship requirements and the introduction of English language testing for Partner visa applicants... read more


The Covid Pandemic visa

  • 26th May 2020
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In response to the pandemic situation, the Australian government has recently introduced COVID-19 Pandemic event for Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa.... read more


Partner Visa Australia / New Zealand

  • 11th Jan 2020
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Partner visa Australia / New Zealand... read more



  • 29th Dec 2019
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New year wishes from Australia NZ Migration Centre... read more



  • 22nd Dec 2019
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Work and Holiday visa program expanded for Thailand

  • 13th Nov 2019
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Australia has made an agreement with Thailand to increase the annual number of places under the Work and Holiday visa program from 500 to 2000.... read more


Global Talent Independent Program

  • 13th Nov 2019
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Skilled migration and Global Talent Independent program - Immigration Minister Address to American Chamber of Commerce in Australia... read more


Ciitizenship ceremony for more than 600 migrants in a single day

  • 27th Oct 2019
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A massive citizenship granting ceremony was help in a suburb of Melbourne on Saturday the 26th October 2019, in in which more than 600 people became Australian citizens... read more


Now it is easier for WA student to get WA state nomination

  • 26th Oct 2019
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WA Government has made changes to Graduate Stream for State Nomination... read more


New Regional visas

  • 13th Oct 2019
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New Regional visa of Australia to open from November 2019. Eligibility made easier!... read more

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