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New Zealand is a strong and well developed economy and is one of the best countries in the world to live. New Zealanders have access to quality education that is highly regarded all over the world. New Zealand also has excellent health care systems in place. It has very low crime rates and is a land of many opportunities. New Zealand is both a continent and a country with many attractions like the beaches, deserts, mountain ranges and reefs. The weather is also pleasant most of the year round.

New Zealand is a politically stable country and fosters multiculturalism. All these advantages make New Zealand one of the best countries to migrate to.

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How living in New Zealand compares

New Zealand is a much greener and less crowded country than the UK, the USA, and many other developed western countries. It's easy to do things outdoors and you'll have time for your own interests. It's also a great place for children, with so many recreational activities and a world-class education system that is largely free.

Plenty of reasons to migrate to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand means experiencing what many people describe as one of the greenest and most beautiful countries you could find. New Zealand's scenery really has so much to offer – glorious sandy beaches, great native forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and fjords. Tourists only manage to get a taste of these lovely natural surroundings. If you migrate to New Zealand, you'll have time to explore the lot (as well as experiencing the unique New Zealand culture).

Moreover, compared to most countries in the world, New Zealand offers a great work/life balance. That's reflected time and time again in international surveys. The pace is relaxed, the people are friendly and the prospects are great. After work, in the evenings you have the chance to be well served with great restaurants, music, movies and more. And it's safe to go out in the evenings to enjoy them.

The education system is world-class as is the health care of New Zealand. And the economy has weathered the global financial crisis well, so job and career prospects are generally good. (New Zealand's economy grew 3% in 2012, and the IMF is predicting another 3% growth in 2013.)

A lifestyle to envy

The pace is relatively relaxed here. New Zealanders are laid-back and easy to get along with, and while doing well at work is important, time away from the office is high-priority too. Commuting isn't an issue at all like in many other countries of the world. Even in the biggest cities you're only minutes from a beach, native park or mountain biking trail.

Easy access to quality education

New Zealand 15-year olds scored ahead of those in the UK on reading, maths and science in the United Nation's Human Development Report 2013. And in contrast to the UK, the vast majority of our top quality primary and secondary schools are free (although parents are expected to meet some minor costs).

All eight of New Zealand's universities appeared in the top 500 QS World University Rankings 2013/14 (50% of them in the top 250).

Add safe schools and campuses with generous play areas plus fantastic access to the outdoors, and New Zealand is a great learning environment for young people.

Family benefits

Migrating to New Zealand is probably one of the best choices you could make for a family. Along with affordable, quality education, your children will be able to get closer to nature and enjoy sport, recreation and adventure activities that are just that much harder to access in the UK. You'll be able to choose a home you'll all be comfortable in, and you'll enjoy excellent healthcare and public facilities.

Thinking of migrating to New Zealand? You may be able to apply for a skilled migrant visa that lets you live and work in New Zealand indefinitely. Contact Australia NZ Migration centre today!